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Who Are We

Andy Rice

I live in Madison, WI with my wife Emily. I work for the weather software and data company Weather Central http://www.wxc.com in product management.  I like baseball, playing guitar, hanging out with my dog, and long walks on Nebraska state highways at sunset.  I have been chasing over 50 days since 2004 and have seen 8 tornadoes.

I like to keep track of my travels storm chasing on this map..... I have been doing this red map thing way before Verizon has those copycats.  Hopefully I will be adding some new places this year.

Avi Solomon

I live in Portland, OR with my dogs William and Theodore. I have known Andy since I was 8 years old and we have been storm chasing since 2004.  My hobbies include amateur radio, electronics, playing drums and cooking barbecue. Andy only keeps me around because I can keep the car on the road without being distracted by that geeky weather stuff.  I hope we end up in Texas because they have the best brisket.  

If your a ham radio operator and want to QSO, we will be using APRS.  So, send a message to AE7ET-9.  We will also be using 154.60MHz (MURS) for communications between vehicles and I monitor 146.55 (the unofficial storm chaser freq).

I don't have a map like Andy, but I did take this picture of the  Former World's Largest McDonald's,

Matt Porcelli

I’m surprised my first word wasn’t “thunderstorm”…probably because it had too many syllables.  In fact, my first word was “mom”, but that doesn’t put aside that weather was an integral part of my life since I was very young.  My fascination for natural disasters started in Kindergarten, and quickly evolved to weather as I found this crazy phenomenon could happen right in my backyard.  From my weather experiments in science fairs, daily weather forecasts, videotaping of storms on my rooftop, and my high class weather monitor II system, I was already deep into my passion by the end of elementary school.  This continued through high school and, sure enough, I took one step closer to my goal by attending Penn State University for meteorology.  Here I met Jonathan as an excellent and ridiculous friend as we shared the same sarcasm and outlook on life.  We were roommates my senior year in college and have been best friends ever since.


Storm chasing on the East Coast was still abundant, even though I was more apt to chase lightning than tornadoes.  Even so, wild weather continued to peak my interest.  In the summer of my junior year, I managed to get two internships: one with the National Weather Service in Mt. Holly, and the other with CBS Studios as a weather intern in Philadelphia.  Thus, I got a diverse taste of “playing the field”…in a meteorological sense.  At CBS, I met Andy Rice, the weather producer at the time, who treated me like a slave and forced me to accomplish mundane weather projects.  Kidding aside, it happened to be fate that we crossed paths.  And through a vicious love triangle…of meteorological terms…Andy pushed for my application to Weather Central the summer after I graduated.


Here I am now, working for a spectacular company, Weather Central, where I get to intertwine my interest of graphics, weather, and travel, all into one.  It isn’t often you get the opportunity to travel the country on another company’s dime!  I have certainly been making the most of my career, ensuring that I never close doors on my future.  Weather Central has given me the opportunity to learn and excel in my passion!  Now it is time to seal my weather destiny and, for the first time, (really the second, but the first time like for real) take vacation across the vast plains in search of the mighty tornado!

Jonathan Donati

I am on the opposite end of the spectrum as the other trip participants, as I have never been storm chasing, or even have seen a tornado in my life! It's always been a dream of mine to chase, and I am excited to get my first opportunity with some experienced chasers. I am from Pittsburgh, PA and am good friends with Matt from our college days at Penn State. Knowing Matt, I have a feeling I may become his voice of moral restraint this week. In my spare time I enjoy watching hockey and football, good food, being outdoors, and having fun with my friends and family. If I can get a picture taken in front of a tornado wearing a Pittsburgh Penguins shirt, I will consider this a successful trip!  We don't have many tornadoes in PA ....

but we get lots of flooding!!!